Dr. Sudhindra Uppoor

Ayurveda Expert

Dr. Sudhindra Uppoor is one of the most renowned Ayurvedic physicians in India. With clinical experience of 20 years, Dr. Uppoor specialises in diagnosing and treating lifestyle diseases using Ayurveda. He analyses each individual’s body constitution to find the imbalances in their body (prakriti and vikriti) and uses herbal ayurvedic medicines and Ayurveda-based detox program to alleviate those imbalances.

Dr Sudhindra Uppoor completed his undergraduate degree in Ayurveda from Mangalore University and his post-graduation (M.D in Ayurveda) from Gujarat Ayurveda University, both of which are among the top Ayurvedic institutions in India

After leaving his village Udupi, which was his place of practice for the first four years of his career, Dr. Uppoor moved to Goa, the Indian hub of health and wellness, where he began his practice with only a few locals. Gradually, he gained popularity for his advice and treatment all across the country, with his practice and reputation growing exponentially within a short period of time. Today, he is recognized worldwide and has patients spanning numerous countries.

Dr. Uppoor aims to promote Ayurveda as a lifestyle all across the world; guiding people to adopt a diet and lifestyle that is not only healthy, but also individually suited for their specific body type. He also firmly believes in one of Ayurveda's golden principles which is to prevent a disease before it arises, rather than to cure it after it does.