Financial Wellbeing

Leading a financially blissful life

OmniLife - Financial Wellbeing

When do you think you have achieved a state of Financial wellbeing?

It is proven that our personal finances and total wellbeing are closely linked. Financial wellbeing is necessary in order to enable us to feel a sense of security and eventually abundance in what we have.

If you are free from financial worry and believe that you are not only able to sustain your lifestyle but also improve it continuously, you are in the state of financial wellbeing.

OmniLife - Financial Wellbeing

At OmniLife, we aim to help you get there with the help of our simple, interactive and engaging workshop on Financial Wellbeing, where we will help you design a Lifetime Wealth Creation Plan covering:

  • Your relationship with money
  • How it’s presence/absence affects your stress levels
  • The role of money in relationships
  • Money: from a cause of conflict to a reason for bliss
  • Appreciating your money
  • Debt trap or death trap?
  • The feeling of abundance
  • How much is considered adequate?

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