About OmniLife

At OmniLife, we empower you to discover the SelfCare Protocols which you can incorporate in your day-to-day lives to achieve a life full of happiness and purpose.

We offer consultations, online detox programs and educational material provided in collaboration with a wide selection of experts, including some of the world’s finest and most well-renowned names in the wellness space.

At our core, we are a wellness platform that offers solutions that combine ancient wisdom with modern day innovation to achieving a life of Total wellbeing with complete alignment of mind, body and soul.

The OmniLife Journey

Milestones of learning

The OmniLife journey of what constitutes a life lived well has taken us through several moments of truth or the milestones of learning which we share with you in detail in ‘The 10 Pillars of OmniLife workshop’. Book your free 90-minute online session today.

The discovery of The 10 pillars of OmniLife

Gestalt – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Doing everything with purpose and the alignment of the mind, body and soul

Merging the best practices from the East and the West

Appreciating and understanding the interconnectedness of everything in life

The realisation that your wellbeing starts with you

Identifying and imbibing the SelfCare Protocols that resonate most with you

Change in attitude and developing your will power is the first and most important step of changing your life for better

Founder's Note

OmniLife's founder Rajiv Bajaj

“OmniLife began with me wanting to understand what it means to live life well.”

After spending months doing research and visiting different communities, I realized that people don’t actively think about how long they are going to live but on the quality of their lives instead. They want to be able to enjoy good health, quality time with family and friends, travel and the ability to give back to the community.

There is plenty of information on the web and it is only natural to be confused with all these conflicting theories that seem to be changing every day. Our aim at OmniLife is to simplify and remind you of your own power so you realize that 'it starts with you'.

Wishing you Wellness,
Rajiv Bajaj
Founder & Visionary

OmniLife's Co-Founder Anu Bajaj

While I am an art gallerist by trade, what has brought me the most joy has always been my health, fitness and wellness journey. As a marathon runner, daily workouts and eating mindfully are habits that I live by. Further, I also strongly believe in the power of positive thinking and an attitude of gratitude. Key parts of my self-care routine are maintaining a gratitude journal and practicing ‘sewa’: giving back to my community as often as possible.

In 2018, I found myself suddenly struck by a painful skin infection which was resistant to allopathic medicine. Desperately looking for answers and remedies led me to study the role of the mind in healing and recovery.

Months of reading self-care books and researching online led me to realise that One of the main causes of my condition was a build up of stress, which I was not addressing in a healthy manner. This discovery led me to turn to ayurveda and yoga and my skin healed miraculously. It was at this moment that I discovered the power of self care rituals and made it my resolve to work on my mind as well as my body.

Anu Bajaj